Select a service to schedule an appointment.

  • 20-Minute Session $30
     A quick "refresher" for returning clients only, please.

  • 30-Minute Session $40
    Relaxation or a quick targeted tune-up. For returning clients only, please.
  • 45-Minute Treatment $60
    Relaxation or targeted work for returning clients and children under 16.
  • 60-Minute Treatment $80
    One full hour of relaxation, therapy, or a combination.

  • 90-Minute Treatment $120
    A 90-minute treatment allows for a combination of therapy and deep relaxation. For two or more long-standing issues, 60 or 90 minutes is recommended.
  • Special 120 (by prior agreement)
    Special 120s are not available for individual purchase at this time. Select this is you have already bought a 2-hour massage as part of a package deal, or if you have a gift certificate for a 2-hour massage.  

Gift Certificates